He keeps making the same mistake.

She is surrounded by an aura of powerful magnetism.

He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.

What kind of sweets did I like as a child? Even if I try to remember, I can't.

Have you ever ridden a mule?

I'm living a mystical experience.


The elevator is coming up.

Everyone around here likes them.

The engineers blew up the bridge because it was about ready to collapse.


Don't expose this chemical to direct sunlight.


I've taken the first step.


Happiness is sometimes identified with money.

Betty's Esperanto is really great.

Her belief in God is unshaken.


I won't leave Boston.


Penny poured milk on his cereal.

The cost of building the railroad was very high.

Birds learn to fly by instinct.

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How much is this radio?

Don't read too much into it.

Franklin was grateful that he had changed the subject.

It's been two years since I saw him last.

She entertains the children.

Sorrel lives in a commune with hippies.

To tell you the truth, I don't like him.

Men are subject to temptation.

You're in bad shape.

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Justice and kindness are virtues.


I want you to leave me alone.

I appreciate the courtesy.

I assume you found him.

Fuck you all to hell!

You must run.


A cup of coffee relieved me of my headache.


He cannot stop us.

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"Do you mind if I smoke?" "No, I don't mind at all."

Galaxies are islands separated by enormous distances.

A taxi drew up at the main gate.

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This is the room into which he went.

How much of winning an election is down to looks?

In December of 1932, Einstein left for the United States. A month after his departure the Nazis assumed control of Germany. He never returned to Germany.

Prince John was buried with full ceremony.

Becky didn't leave Edwin.

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The blood was still wet.

I promoted him.

Shyam has more friends than Torsten.

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He has such coarse manners!


He's the best man in his field.

He was encouraged by a professor from his college days.

I want to try riding a horse.

Please give me one more shot.

I'll rent a car.

I don't have time for all of this.

His wife hated his mistress, and vice versa.

The baby needs his mother.

I drink coffee in a cafe.

I must contact him.

That's nothing to be sorry for.


Vicky hit me.

Dating is exhausting.

He's from Lisbon.

No matter how rich a man is, he cannot buy love.

Winter does not look real without snow.

There's nothing like close combat to test one's mettle.

This is Rand's photograph.


Yoga helps her to be calm.


You should see Rolf's picture.

Tomorrow, the verdict for Jos will be announced.

Soccer is very popular in Spain.

Dozens of people were injured in the terrible accident.

Corey told me a lot about Boston.

Marsh started the car and put it in reverse.

Sam wanted Moore.

Xiaoming doesn't know how to control herself.

Thuan has been gone for three days.

She likes it least of all.

She agreed to my idea.

"I'm dripping sweat." "Then make sure you take a shower!"

Why don't you just take it back to where you got it?

My seat is in the third row. Where are you sitting?

I only read part of the report.

We're all worried about her.

There's also a little tourist train that passes by the church which goes to Pournique.

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Now look here.


I apologized to them for that.

What was it that caused you to change your mind?

They are both in the room.

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I've been waiting for this for a year.


Will you explain it in plain English?


I'll make you a model plane.


We should give Alain a chance to tell us what really happened.

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They're not quarreling, but rather rehearsing a play.

Lucius linked to my website from his blog.

Ray laughed uproariously.

Olaf should be able to answer your question.

The insults and threats gave way to a donnybrook.

We don't add pictures to our album.

We should be winning.

I have to deny that request.

It won't do any good to lie about it.

If anybody can help us, it's Amir.

Give me the big knife to cut the bread.

Do you like that?

I just thought that you might want to talk to Dominick.


He fought until the end.


The first word of every sentence should be capitalized.

I want to be at home.

I'm using the computer.

I'll answer you when you've calmed down.

I don't get up as early as Bob does.

They're brown.

Whose are they?


You risk losing when you want to gain too much.

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He thinks only of making money.


He was hospitalized after eating only fruit for one month.

He pretended to be asleep.

He thinks he is an Edison.

Cathy seems to like music.

You can take her at her word on that.


Spy challenged Shaw.

Elizabethan English is like a foreign language to modern English speakers.

Ross was a standup guy.


The people don't buy milk at this market.

I got on the plane.

You're wearing your T-shirt inside out.

I'm going to miss you.

Stacey and Dominick quarrel almost every day.


What do you intend to do with that?


We've done a lot of work around here.

I said that I was confused.

Rupert asked me if he could kiss me.

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Ricky looks cool.

We can't rule out anything yet.

I like both science and math.


Everybody agreed with his idea.

There lived an old couple in the woods.

I'm looking forward to your letter!


Don't be hurt.

The train is leaving in three minutes.

If he had taken his doctor's advice, he might still be alive.


I went to every modern art show that took place in Tokyo last year.


Get ready.

I was able to win the first prize.

Maybe Raj saw something.


Don't be so hard on me.


I watched the Youtube video.

Roy wanted a word with Nora.

Pedro wants to sell it.


You're only just in time.

What a disagreeable fellow he is!

I love the sun.

Julian is just trying to confuse you.

I have no less than one thousand records.


What is 2 + 2?

Get away from me!

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death.