What future can you create with the choice you make today?

The Intelligence You Refuse to Have Telecall

Intelligence is willingness to see what gets created by the choices you make without a desire that it turn out a certain way.
- Gary Douglas

This three call teleseries starts February 28!


Global Energetic Synthesis of Communion

You’re invited to an experience, an exploration called the Energetic Synthesis of Communion, or ESC, with Dr. Dain Heer.

It’s a thrum, a space, where you’re connected with everything.

And it’s the space of being that you are...


Access Consciousness allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

We have thousands of classes and events on every topic imaginable in more than 170 countries with over 3,000 facilitators around the world! What are you looking for?

There are two things that will change anything in your life, choice and Access Bars. Discover the simple body process that is changing the world.

Be Different, Stay Weird: A Year With Dr Dain Heer

An extremely unique program with Dr Dain Heer, empowering you to be the tornado, that meets a unicorn, that meets a volcano, that meets the undefinable universe ... beyond this reality ...



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