The larger the amount of silver, the larger the amount of corruption.

I'm still alive, and that's the main thing, Father says.

Ikeda made several silly mistakes, and so he was told off by the department head.

I know what you must be going through.

This letter contains sensitive information that may offend some people.


Are you recording this conversation?

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Margie realized Nicolette was serious.

How much do you want to bet?

I wonder if Calvin knows where I can buy what I need.

Over three thousand people attended the concert.

Juliane saw the file.


I have some time.

I'll meet you where we always meet.

I'm sure Edmond knows enough French to get by.

I cannot knead this dough by myself. I need you to help me.

He thinks he is a failure so he drinks.

I said nothing, which made him more furious.

They're all talking about his death.

I thought Dylan would take Glynn out for dinner.

The coffee shop is haunted by aspiring artists.


We wanted to wait.

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The novel is very exciting.


Now I feel guilty.

Root didn't say anything wrong.

It can be costly.

You should consider the problem before coming to a decision.

It won't do any good to apologize now.

He knows how to sharpen knives.

The music set my imagination to work.

He had bruises all over after the fight.

We felt happy when the examination was over.


He came down to breakfast.


Hon comes from Australia.

I have to hang up.

He doesn't carry much baggage on his trips.

We can't drink milk.

I was about to suggest the same thing.

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I am sure of succeeding.

Murph often talks to his dog.

He struck up friendships with the most unlikely people.


She was crying.


I hope to see them.

I am in your hands.

The Qur'an is a very interesting book.

Please don't go to the trouble of coming to our office.

The new TV host is a little rigid.

The next convention will take place on Wednesday two weeks from now.

This place is huge.

His gamely gesture was much appreciated.

Remember what we argued about yesterday? Turns out you were right all along.

His success is the result of hard work.

A child is crying somewhere.

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How did work go?

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Sundaresan says he won't do it anymore.

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Markku is a really good friend.

They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; One nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.

They had three sons, all of them young, and such brave fellows that no pen could describe them.

Which will he choose I wonder, Martial arts or death?

I'm going to go see them.

We're doing it for free.

He's reading a novel.


He is left out of everything.

He wept over his misfortunes.

He bragged that he was the most handsome.

If I want your help, I'll ask you for it.

I completely disagree with that.


The lady is forty years old at most.

She does like Clare.

We're going dancing.

It's time for action.

I was so wrong about Hiroyuki.

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I received a Christmas card from my brother in Italy.

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Stay sharp.


A big ship, like a large airplane, has an enormous reynolds number; airships and low-mass submersibles are quite different.

A child of just five was hit by a bicycle.

I think they will drink elsewhere.

Can that be achieved?

Ragnar will go to Australia.

Keep your eyes open.

Through the internet, we are now able to acquaint ourselves, deeply and in detail, with the mental activities of even the furthest people on the planet.


A good ballboy or ballgirl must be able to concentrate hard and run fast.

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This soup is really delicious, isn't it?

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I can remember the warmth of her hands.

We kept standing all the way to Osaka.

I think he is planning something.

You didn't tell me you worked for Kevin.

She looks as if she were drunk.

I remember something.

Arthur bought a bottle of cheap red wine.


She usually sleeps for eight hours.


Dan and Linda decided to marry against the wishes of their parents.

Why are you so good at explaining things?

Once more, please.


Animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Sulfuric acid is stronger than acetic acid.

I won't do anything.

He turned over a new leaf in life.

This happens to be mine.

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Major wants to get married.


Stop harassing me!

Rick knows all about them.

We can't eat on such a dirty table!

What is there to discuss?

Don't trouble him with trifles.

I want to go back to my quarters.

I forgot that Clare used to live in Boston.


It is something my mother made.

Miriamne seems happier than usual.

They gave you another chance.

I think I'm going to like living here.

Shut up and do what you're told to do.

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I accused her unfairly.

Pim often suffers from headaches.

Your mom is so cute!


I agree with this statement.

I was unable to save Nici.

The city in which I was born is very beautiful.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

He is to come here at six o'clock.


Where is the nearest church?

When would it be convenient for you?

If the cat is outside, the mice dance on the table.

Best before 01/09/2010.

Paola lost his money, his family and his friends.

I'm busy with writing letters and giving speeches.

You should get back in your car.

I play guitar almost every day.

The prices will come down.

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We left immediately.


The only one who knows how to do that is Sofoklis.

It's the first time I mix chilli with mayonnaise.

Glynn is in a meeting right now.

A few students were left behind.

What we did was unnecessary.


You have to tell him.


My gerbil has gone missing.


Do you want me to tell the truth?


You're realistic.

It was the first of the one thousand cranes that Sadako had to make.

Were the windows closed?

Tracey wondered how long John and Gene had been dating.

The blood-stain cannot be removed.

She's as good a wife as any you could hope for.

I think that I'll be in Modena at around 9 o'clock.

Andrea slept peacefully as the underground train rattled on its way.

What makes you so special?


He is no less smart than his brother.

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They'll help us.


He returned home safely, which pleased his parents.

Felix and Jianyun were speaking loud enough for John to hear them.

We were held up for two hours on account of the accident.

I'll be there at once.

My parents love each other.


Anton is playing solitaire.

Where can we find him?

I don't understand German at all.


I thought you might be interested in knowing.