Hatred is blind, as well as love.

Just what exactly are you trying to say?

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Please step forward.

I finished the job on my own.

I am going to apply for a scholarship.

In the Middle Ages, water from the sacred spring was considered a panacea.

I like playing with my dog.

Wayne parked his car in front of a fire hydrant even though he knew he shouldn't.

How should I know where he is?

Why did Heinrich and Will get divorced?

Lincoln greeted his former political rival.

She is not only kind, but also honest.

It is five years since my father died.

Tell him I have a broken leg.

Now I have a headache, too.


I admit there are a few problems.

Philip picked up one of the glass vases and threw it at Linda.

Why doesn't he eat lunch with me anymore?

It is essential to keep calm in a time of crisis and avoid going haywire.

I guess it's too late to say no.

Herman was tapping his fingers nervously on the table.

They just padded the report to make it look more impressive.


Could you tell me which bus or train goes to the center of the town?

This website was selected by Yahoo! as one of the Top 5% websites.

I never drink coffee.

There's always something to do here.

But there's a big difference between forced and voluntary labor.

These aren't ideal conditions.

Do not place this in doubt.

I think Honda will come tomorrow.

Englishmen are, on the whole, conservative.

Watch out. There are rattlesnakes and scorpions.

Did you take note of the telephone number?

I'll rephrase the question.

Lila tried to cut through his chain.

You're embarrassing her.

I'll go through both the good times and the bad with you.

You're not allowed here.

If my mistakes were always corrected, I would learn faster.

It'll be cool.

Tammy has no such problem.

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Auditions are by appointment only.


Is it all paid for?

The first to die in war is the truth.

We're cold.


I'll be back in time.

Edgar looked very pleased.

The sweetness of Interlingua was more suited to my poetic vision.

It's that, you know, um, whatchamacallit. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't remember the name!

Drinking lots of alcohol can help, because it gets you drunk.

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Renu hasn't been to the supermarket in a long time.

Krzysztof didn't say anything wrong.

This is so annoying.

The doctor bound my wounds.

If you bake it for more than what's asked, it will be a disaster!

The teacher called each student by name.

I felt my hands shaking and my heart beating fast.

Once things start going this way, in the end they'll all be much of a muchness.

The tree leaves turned red.

It's a well-known fact that spiders aren't insects.

I want to go downtown.

I thought you'd already taken care of that.

We had a fun day.

This church dates from the 12th century.

Soohong doesn't like dogs.

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Niall had the only pool in town with a diving board.

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The important thing to us is a friend.

We've never seen Arne like this before.

Your lies pain me.

I have prepared your bath.

You're picky, aren't you?

No one understood.

It's going to happen soon.

Hold on just a second, would you, please?

Takeuchi is being deliberately deceptive.

Do we exist?

I'd like to watch this movie again.

To do her justice, she is not plain.

I only slept for three hours.

Clem forgot to say goodbye to Rupert.

I will soon catch up with you.


Thierry should've won last night.

Pia began to feel sick.

Philip and Leonard are downstairs.

Annie closed the door behind himself.

He was born in the March of Brandenburg.

Would you like my address?

Can you keep an eye on them?

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I think I'll go skiing.


Isabelle looks a bit like Denise Richards when she was young.


By reading books we can walk with the great and the good from every place and every era.


He's done it in the past.

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We're just friends?


I wasn't prepared for this.

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He's clever, and so is his brother.


Too many sweets cause your teeth to decay.

Raja went out of his way to help me when I needed help.

You would have failed but for his help.

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Lawrence doesn't have to move to Boston.

Dan invited Linda for a very specific reason.

Free man, always you will cherish the sea.

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My brother is holding a camera in his hand.

I gave my half to Jean-Christophe.

In my opinion, this is quite unsuitable.

I must buy a new suit for my son.

Which do you like?

Stupid brain! Why is saying "galxe" so very difficult with a sore throat?

They became very nervous.

Ed is an obvious flight risk.

Jennie gave me the name of a guy who can probably repair my watch.


Without the sun there is no life!


The better he knows the language, the less he likes it.

From a young age children learn to ostracise those who aren't like them.

Be careful not to be deceived.

That'd be good.

My son came to see me from time to time.

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She's mature enough to bear a child.

He likes his school a lot.

Would you mind making me a sandwich?


The translation of Tokyo is "the Eastern capital".

He's a little nuts.

I became a member of the club in 1980.

She is Alan's wife.

Who's the boy swimming over there?

I don't know any other way to do it.

"Bertrand knows." "He does? Did you tell him?" "No, he found out by himself."

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I wish Part would stop yelling at me.

Selfishness is an essential part of his character.

I need to buy some black spray paint.

He drinks a mug of white coffee without sugar.

How much were you paid to say that?

Kenneth didn't want to see Edwin.

Optimism is lack of information.

Going home last night, I saw her again.

There's only one way out.


I think Gary is only pretending to be asleep.


Leo was sitting at his desk the last time I saw him.

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Jisheng isn't busy either.

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I'm only a little bit of an alcoholic. I don't drink that much, I only drink on special occasions.

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I held him by the collar.

I have to make a decision.

If anyone saw anything, I want to know.

Try out my reins and my heart.

Andrew's knees buckled.

You'll talk to me.

What stench! Do you suffer from gas?

Music is to the soul what gymnastics is to the body.

I'll let them know.

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In Japan there are a lot of beautiful places.


He took it into his head to start the next morning.


Everything is in perfect working order.


I would do anything for him.

I didn't quite catch that.

His trembling hands belied his calm attitude.

Anne approved.

We made a mistake.

Is know-it-all an insult or a compliment?

Were those women in favor of votes for women?

I broke my leg skiing.

I'll make a few calls.

You can't be too careful when driving a car.

I don't want you to quit what you're doing.


I was about your age when I came to Boston.

I visited the town for the first time in a long time.

Sangho saw a look of confusion on Naren's face.