He owes me a relatively large sum.

There's something definitely wrong here.


Can you tell me what she said?

Father comes home from work about nine in the evening.

He often entertained his friends over the weekend.

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I felt sorry for her when I heard her story.

Prakash doesn't seem too happy.

I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

The child is father of the man.

He said to me: "Children are like small animals."

I feel itchy everywhere.

I share your sorrow.

Did you talk about me?

Olaf tried to smile.

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It's dangerous to climb a mountain during a storm.


I'm going to talk to Mahesh when he returns home.

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Of course, I told Miriam.

The karaoke shop is especially crowded on Saturdays.

People could've been hurt.

He is sure to win the game.

Why didn't you tell me Marc was ready?

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I thought we weren't supposed to go there without Emil.


Raj has too many things to worry about.

I'm sick and tired of hearing them.

That's the important thing to remember.

Space and Terry work together.

There is no cause for worry.

Sriram is happily married to Charles.

The writing style is much less complicated in this article.

Will you please wait on me, miss?

I'm a genetically modified organism.

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She looked him straight in the eyes.


I don't like being made a fool of.

Tigger volunteered to pay for the damages.

I am ashamed.

He's not first but second.

I passed clots.


He studies astronomy, or the science of stars.

The man controlled the country for fifty years.

Some of the movies are exciting.

You need to wait.

There is a wise American saying: Never waste a crisis. And the current financial and economic crisis affords us a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been going and where it leads.

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Mathematicians are like some Frenchmen: whatever you say to them they translate into their own language, and forthwith it is something entirely different.


Kent shrugged the sense of foreboding away.

A tear ran down from that eye.

I'll call first.

Would you mind putting her on the phone?

We tried all means possible.

Older people still remember the Kennedy assassination.

Kazuhiro was waiting for me.


He entered the college to study electronics.

That's worth remembering.

Is there central heating in this building?

She was a genius in mathematics.

Few people have typewriters.


No, my dear, you had better go on horseback.

Karen departed, leaving Anne and John alone.

No matter who says so, I can't believe that.

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The earth rotates.

It's taken us three weeks to fix, but at last our car runs satisfactorily.

With bronze as a mirror one can dress neatly; with the example of another person one can see the advantages and disadvantages of himself; from the mirror of history one can know the reason for the rise and fall of states.

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Did you enjoy your swim?


Don't just stand there. Come over here and help me.

Taking the stairs is better for your health.

My class was cancelled.

He fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

That was the wrong thing to say.

I can't take the day off.

"Can you cut it like this, please?" "A little shorter in the front and a little longer on the sides, please."

Mitchell gave us all the money he had on him.

Dwayne made me a cup of hot chocolate.


She had a narrow escape when her car skidded off the road into a lake.


I have a chihuahua.

She has never been asked out on a date.

Norm and Roxane aren't talking.


The batter has two balls and two strikes on him.


An eye for an eye.

I'm fairly certain that it was the elephant.

Let's see if we can cancel the meeting.

I'm sure you have a lot of interesting things to tell me.

She didn't plan on having a fight with him.


Tad is a friendly person.

You do a nice job.

Might I come in?

She loves her boyfriend.

You'd better have a plan.

I had a situation to take care of.

I can hide anywhere.

It's a habit you can break.

Everybody claps.


I don't have the strength to keep trying.


This feels right, doesn't it?


We see things differently, according to whether we are rich or poor.

He bought as many books as he liked.

You were always a winner.

Indonesia consists of many islands and two peninsulas.

Mom, can you give me money to buy candy?

Have your parents met Hamilton?

Trying to find happiness only makes you unhappy.

Casey thought he was going to enjoy the party.

Act too forcefully and you'll start a war.


I hate long flights.


Ruth has bad table manners.

It has suddenly gotten cold, hasn't it?

She will return home next Sunday, that is, the tenth.


We can solve this.

You should eat this while it's still warm.

We've been married thirty years.

Laurent doesn't want to talk about this.

I thought you'd already talked to Renu.

She is guilty of theft.

The paint was a little hard, so it had to be stirred.

I know very few people who can speak French.

Filled with sorrow, the girl looked him in the eye.

Old said that Michiel was too importunate, or something along those lines.

I'm not going to complain.

It rained for ten days straight.

His long and untidy hair was similar to a lion's mane.

I don't drink a lot.

When I was reading a book, the telephone rang.

Kamiya spent all night worrying about what might happen.

What does his father do?

Kyu could tell that Susan wanted to be somewhere else.

Reiner likes taking walks.

I don't know what got into Terrence.

Who'll buy the theater tickets?

He was knocked down by a truck.

Bert was caught red-handed.

What's the ideal age for a man?

Why do children lie to their parents?

The programmer fixed the bug.

He delivers newspapers.


Ted is good at repairing watches.

Don't hit me, I'm a translator!

The revolution has its own laws.

Green green green green green.

I ask myself if I'll be married some day.

Get out of the house.

I suppose you want me to invite Shari to the wedding.

Vocabulary is the basis of language.

Elwood didn't know what Karl would like.

Vectors need not correspond to a physical quantity; anything can be a vector space as long as vector addition and scalar multiplication is defined.

You don't have to make up your mind right now.

Can anyone confirm that?

You can't yell at them.

That's about all we can get done today.

Between you and me, he's in trouble with the boss.

The truth is I don't like him.

I know who Olof is.

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We can solve this.

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I don't see a man.


They communicate the distance and direction of the food by dancing.

The prices remain as they were.

There are rumors in the air.

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Let's get rid of this junk.


Can you stay with me?

He often mistakes the time, and is late for his appointments.

The bomb is armed.

They have hostages.

I just wanted to make sure you were safe.

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He has strange ideas.

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I'm dehydrated.

My parents forbade me from seeing Lenora.

I'm afraid the doctor is out.